RossamÜnd ~ said "ross-uh-moond"; awkward boy-hero and under-grown foundling of Madam Opera's Estimable Marine Society for Foundling Boys and Girls.


Gosling ~ being born of nobility, he truly thinks he is better than the common “plugs” he is forced to bunk with at the foundlingery.


Fransitart ~ born of unknown parents, Fransitart lived with his little brother as a wastrel on the streets of Ives. How it is that Fransitart and Craumpalin have come to be serving in a state entirely different from the ones in which they were born is a story entirely all its own. Fransitart's affection for Rossamund has a lot to do with his grief over his younger brother.


Verline ~ tender and caring of almost all of the children of the madam's Marine Society, Verline has a soft spot for Rossamund: something in his awkwardness reminds her of herself as a child.


Craumpalin ~ said “krorm-pah-linn”; dispensurist working at Madam Opera’s Estimable Marine Society for Foundling Boys and Girls


Sebastipole ~ leer and agent for the Lamplighter-Marshal of Winstermill; has served there for over half of his life.


Europe, Miss ~ experienced and well-known fulgar, who encountered lahzars in her childhood and was instantly fascinated.


Misbegotten Shrewd, the ~ average-sized ettin said to haunt the Brindleshaws


Licurius ~ said “ly-kyew-re-us”; a leer and factotum for Europe.


Doctor Verhooverhoven ~ local physician of the Brindleshaws, a fellow in his early thirties who enjoys the good favor of the peers and gentry of that region.


The Nimbleshrewds, or Grinnlings ~ name Rossamünd gives to the nimbleschrewds because of their broad, apparently wickedly grinning mouths.


Sallow ~ reluctant fugelman skold of the communities around the Brindleshaws.


Fouracres ~ hardy Imperial postman who has been on many adventures while delivering the mail and survived many an encounter with a monster.


Freckle ~ glamgorn bogle; small, tough and friendly-seeming.