Explicarium (being a glossary of terms)

bogle(s) ~ the most commonly used term for monsters generally; it can also be used to mean the smaller varieties of monster, those of less than a human's height, including nuglungs, nimbleschrewds and glamgorns

dispensurist(s) ~ said "diss-pens-yoo-rist"; "lesser" kind of skold, concerned only with potives and drafts that help and heal.

dolatramentis(um) ~ said "doll-la-truh-men-tiss(tum)"; any mark made on the skin to show one's skills and heroic feats, either spoors or monster-blood tattoos.

foundling(s) ~ also wastrel; stray people, usually children, found without a home or shelter on the streets of cities or even, amazingly, wandering exposed in the wilds.

fulgar(s) ~ said "fool-garr," also astrapecrith ("lightning-holder"); a lahzar whose surgically inserted organs (known as the systemis astraphecum) allow him or her to make, store and release immense charges of electricity.

Half-Continent, the ~ also called the Haufarium, Sundergird or Westelund; broad oversized peninsula where, in one small part, this story takes place.

lahzar ~ a skold who specializes in monster-hunting exclusively, making and using the most powerful, dangerous and deadly potives...

lamplighter(s) ~ essentially a kind of specialized soldier; their main task is to go out in the late afternoon and evening to light the bright-limn lamps that line the conduits and conductors (highways) of the Empire, and to douse them again in the early morning.

leer(s) ~ a creepy lot trained in seeing small and otherwise missed details, remembering faces, following scents and trails, spying and shadowing.

monster-blood tattoo ~ also cruorpunxis; said "kroo-or-punks-sis"; tattoos given to someone who has just slain a monster, and made with some of the siphoned blood of that same monster

potive(s) ~ any concoction meant to have an effect externally, that is, not by swallowing or some other introduction into the body, as opposed to drafts, which need to be swallowed to work.

repellents ~ typically a combination of the realms of scripts incorporating all chemistry designed to dissuade and drive monsters (and people) off.

sedorner ~ official and most insulting and incriminating name for a monster-lover.

skold(s) ~ the term for a teratologist who does the work of fighting monsters using chemicals and potions – your standard "combat chemist"

Sulk, the ~ broad flat lands all along eastern banks of the river Humour and south of Gightland (Catalain) extensively farmed by a cooperation of many states and also dug with several quarries, providing many building materials and minerals for much of the Half-Continent.

teratologist ~ strictly speaking, a teratologist is one who studies monsters. The term is used, however, to mean anyone with a professional interest in monsters, especially those who simply want to destroy them.

threwd ~ also called the Horrors; threwd is the sensation of watchfulness and awareness of the land or waters about you.

utterworsts ~ the wildest, most black-hearted of monsters; anything considered the worst kind of evil.

whortleberry ~ one small berry can give an adult enough energy to last much of a day and even revive the spirits like a good restorative.

wilds, the ~ places beyond the civilizing influence of humankind; places where monsters abound and threwd is strong, and plants grow fecund and free. People do not live in the wilds, and pass along quickly if traveling through them, normally in groups with a solid guard or powerful potives.


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